Top 5: Darkwing Blast


In the history of YuGiOh, Blackwings have a long and tumultuous history. Darkwing Blast is the latest set to offer Blackwing support, but will this set help this archetype reach its former Tier 0 glory?


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Hype Cards in Pokemon Silver Tempest


Silver Tempest is the latest set from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and one that has built up a lot of hype. From new abilities to old archetypes getting a breath of fresh air, this set has it all.


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YSK: The Brother's War

Everyone is excited about the upcoming release of The Brother’s War, the second set in the story arc that began with Dominaria United. Between the lore, the history, and the impact these stories have had on Magic the Gathering, there is a lot to unpack before this set releases.


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Best Warhammer 40k Commanders


With the recent release of the MTG Warhammer 40k Commander decks, Commander players have a slew of great new cards to choose from when building their decks. These decks are stuffed with new and exciting legendary creatures, meaning new and exciting Commanders to build around.


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Top 5 Playable Unfinity Cards


Magic’s most recent un-set, Unfinity, is unique for a variety of reasons. None more than the fact that it is a black-bordered un-set, meaning there are eternal format legal cards in the set.


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Magic 30: What to Expect

If you have been paying attention to MTG news lately, you have probably heard of Magic 30 and are probably wondering what Magic 30 is. Magic 30 is an event put on by ReedPop and Wizards of the Coast to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Magic the Gathering. Featuring an incredible line up of panels, interviews, special content, tournaments and parties, Magic 30 is going to be a memorable event for everyone involved. 



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MTG's Warhammer 40k Primer


If you have been paying attention to MTG-related news lately, you have probably heard about Magic the Gathering Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000. This unique product is raising a lot of eyebrows in the Magic community, and there are a lot of questions surrounding this one-of-a-kind MTG product. In this blog, Amazing Discoveries is going to give you all the information you need on this release that you need to know before you buy. 


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YSK: Magic the Gathering's Unfinity


By now, you’ve probably heard of Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming set Unfinity. However, you may notice that the spoilers, mechanics, and art from Unfinity is significantly different than what you’ve come to expect from a regular MTG set.


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Most Impactful Lost Origin Cards

With the recent release of Lost Origin, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is about to revisit a familiar and mysterious setting; The Lost Zone. The Lost Zone returning means huge changes for the Pokemon TCG, but that does not mean that you need to get lost attempting to navigate the changes that are coming! Amazing Discoveries is here to help you find your way through the Lost Zone and Lost Origin Standard! 


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Standard Series Fall 2022

Header image Standard Series 2022


What is the Amazing Discoveries (AD) Standard Series?

            The AD standard series is a series of events designed to run from standard rotation to standard rotation. The series will be split into 4 seasons each lasting 3 months. Over the course of a season there will be 3 Qualifier tournaments (1 at each of 3 AD locations: Gilbert, Tucson, and Glendale) that will feed into an invite only seasonal finals with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $500 store credit. At the end of the year, we will have an invite only grand finals with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $2000 store credit. We will be looking to have additional prizes for both the seasonal and grand finals which we will announce closer to those events. For the complete FAQ, check out our Standard Series webpage.


  • 12 Qualifier tournaments between 3 stores (Gilbert, Tucson, Glendale) split into 4 seasons
    • $25 entry ($5 to seasonal final, $5 to Grand final, $15 to event prize pool)
    • Leaderboard points based on final standings
  • 4 seasonal finals with guaranteed minimum $500 prize pool
    • 16 players, invite only
      • 3 qualifier winners
      • 13 points leaders
  • Grand finals with guaranteed minimum $2000 prize pool
    • 16 Players, invite only
      • 4 seasonal winners
      • 4 seasonal points leaders (Most points from any 1 season)
      • 3 Store champions (Most points from events at any 1 store)
      • 5 At large point leaders (Most points on the leaderboard not otherwise qualified)