Ordering Policies


Last updated 6/7/2023

Minimum Order

Orders must meet a minimum of $10 prior to tax to be eligible for in-store pick up, interstore transfer, or to be shipped U.S. domestic.

In-Store Pickup

We have designated shipping staff working every morning. As such, if an order is placed through the website for in-store pickup it will be available for pickup the next calendar day at open. If you would like to pick up the order sooner than that you can come into the store earlier but your order will be processed around the normal flow of business, which can lead to a wait.

How long will In-store orders be held?

All orders for in-store pickup will be held at the pickup location for 90 days from the date that the order was placed. After 90 days the order will be considered abandaoned and will be retuned to our inventory. No refunds will be issued for abandoned orders. It is the customer's responsibility to pick up their orders or to contact the store to make arrangements prior to 90 days. 

Multiple Locations

Amazing Discoveries operates four locations across AZ (Tucson, Gilbert, Glendale, and Casa Grande). The majority of our inventory has the location that it is located at listed and all inventory without a listed location is in Tucson. We are happy to fulfill orders with items from multiple locations or for pickup at a location other than where the product is located but it will be processed through interstore transfer.

Interstore Transfer Procedures

If an order has items from locations other than the location it is being picked up from it will be moved to the correct location with our weekly interstore transfers. We process interstore orders every Monday at noon, Arizona time, unless otherwise stated through our Facebook and the orders will be ready by Wednesday morning at the latest. Orders are often available Tuesday evening though it is advised that you call ahead before traveling to pick up orders on Tuesday.

Why did I get notified that my order is in preorder?

As an internal part of interstore transfers, we move the orders to preorder with an additional tag. While you will receive a notification that the order is in preorder there are no further steps to be taken and your order will be ready according to the interstore timeline.

Shipping Interstore Items

At this time, we are only able to ship orders from our Tucson location. As such, all orders with cards from any location other than Tucson will be considered interstore. These orders will be shipped with tracking from our Tucson location each Wednesday morning.

Partial Pickup of Interstore Orders

In order to reduce the chance of an error occurring with an interstore order, we do not allow partial pickup of orders. If your shopping cart has cards from the pickup location that you would like to receive before the rest of your order will arrive we request that you place two separate orders--one with the items from the pickup location and the other with all the other items.

What does it mean when I receive an email that says shipped?

Our POS system automatically generates an email that says your order has been shipped when we finish processing it but that does not mean the same thing for all orders. If your selected shipping method is USPS then the email does in fact mean that the order has been shipped. If your order is for in-store pickup it means that it has been processed and is ready for pickup, however if your order is for interstore transfer you will receive the email Monday when we process the order but it will be ready following the interstore timeline.

Why does my email say Tucson pickup?

Our primary shipping location is our Tucson store and as such our default email will list it as the pickup location regardless of actual pickup location. If you are concerned that you have selected the wrong option you can check the shipping method of an order in your account on the website.

Right to Reserve Quantities

We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any item ordered to a playset. We do this to both protect our inventory from price spikes and to preserve a level of inventory for our local customers. You are free to order as many copies of an item as you want however you may receive notification that you are being refunded for all copies beyond a playset. If you order multiple versions or variants of a card we will only send you a playset of the most expensive version or variant you ordered.

Pricing Errors

If a price seems to good to be true it most likely is. While cards can increase in price over time or even rapidly there are times in which system errors lead to cards being priced at wildly incorrect. If a sell or buy price is determined to be from a pricing error and not from a change in the market value of an item we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund it in full.