Wilds of Eldraine: You Should Know

Hello, Magic enthusiasts! Amazing Discoveries is excited to whisk you away on a magical journey through the Wilds of Eldraine. Let's delve into this enchanting realm, sprinkled with Arthurian charm and fairy-tale fantasies, all while ensuring you're armed with up-to-date information before prerelease weekend.

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Eldraine's Second Dance

Ah, Eldraine. A plane that once presented us with formidable cards such as Oko, Thief of Crowns and Mystic Sanctuary. With the memory of "Throne of Eldraine" still fresh, Wizards of the Coast are giving us another swing at this fairy-tale land. After battling the relentless Phyrexians, it's high time we enjoyed a whimsical interlude. So, buckle up, because Wilds of Eldraine promises a captivating fairy-tale escape.

Key Dates to Remember

Don't miss out on any Wilds of Eldraine action! Here's your cheat sheet:

Prerelease Weekend: September 1st

Digital Launch on MTG Arena: September 5

Global Tabletop Launch: September 8

Alchemy: Wilds of Eldraine Release: October 10

For the lore enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the Wilds of Eldraine story, available from August 8-14 on the official Magic website.

A Tale of Two Siblings and Fairy Tales Galore

Beyond the fairy-tale landscape, there's a riveting story of two siblings: Will and Rowan. While Will yearns for peace in Eldraine post-Phyrexian invasion, Rowan – a spark lost and anger found – rallies for resistance. This isn't just a return to Eldraine; it's an evolution, emphasizing fairy tales over the Arthurian legends of yore.

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Mechanics in Wilds of Eldraine

The mechanics in Wilds of Eldraine serve up both nostalgia and novelty:

Adventure: A beloved mechanic that lets you cast the Instant or Sorcery part of a card and later venture into a Creature, Artifact, or Enchantment spell.

Virtue of Loyalty // Ardvenvale Fealty · Wilds of Eldraine (WOE) #38 ·  Scryfall MTG Search

Role: Seven new predefined Aura tokens with intriguing abilities, from transforming creatures to 1/1s with "Cursed", to awarding +1/+1 with the "Royal" aura. Players, remember to position those tokens just right!

Six New Tokens Headline Unique Wilds of Eldraine Mechanics


Bargain: Sacrifice and gain – that's the mantra. Opt to sacrifice an Enchantment, Artifact, or Token for an extra kick.

Beseech the Mirror · Wilds of Eldraine (WOE) #82 · Scryfall Magic The  Gathering Search


Celebration: A mechanic that rewards those with a penchant for swarming the field. By meeting different criteria, you can reap the benefits. 

Grand Ball Guest [Wilds of Eldraine]


Food: A simple yet effective way to regain some much-needed life.

Tough Cookie | Wilds of Eldraine | Standard | Card Kingdom

Exclusive Enchantments in Enchanting Tales

This set introduces Enchanting Tales, spotlighting Magic's iconic enchantment cards in breathtaking storybook artistry. From Aggravated Assault to "Doubling Season", each card promises to be a collector's dream. And for those craving the extraordinary, chase after the elusive Anime Borderless Frames or the ultra-rare Confetti Foil cards, which are bound to make your deck the talk of the town.

Greater Auramancy · Wilds of Eldraine: Enchanting Tales (WOT) #64 ·  Scryfall Magic The Gathering Search

Card Treatments

For the art lovers among us, Wilds of Eldraine is a treasure trove. Showcase frames breathe life into Adventure cards, Extended Art gives classics like Moonshaker Cavalry a lavish touch, and Borderless Frames wrap around some of Eldraine's most renowned figures. Plus, for the purists, Full Art Basic Lands are making a grand return!

Collecting Wilds of Eldraine

In conclusion, Wizards of the Coast has woven a captivating narrative with the Wilds of Eldraine, promising a mix of adventure, whimsy, and strategy. Whether you're an old-time fan or a newcomer, this set beckons with its enthralling tales and game mechanics. Ready to embark on your own storybook journey? We at Amazing Discoveries invite you to explore, dream, and discover the Wilds of Eldraine! Check out our events page for all upcoming events, and we look forward to seeing you!