Best Pokemon Decks Right Now (September 2023)

The fervor from the Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama, Japan is still in the air, with Vance Kelly clinching the crown as the 2023 World Champion, wielding the powerful Mew VMAX. Kudos Vance!

But as the dust settles from the Paldea Evolved format, anticipation rises with the introduction of Obsidian Flames. Here at Amazing Discoveries, we know how crucial it is to adapt and strategize with each new release. And with Obsidian Flames stirring the waters, we've decided to focus this month's spotlight on this upcoming format. We're eager to dive into how decks will acclimate and which new entrants, especially the blazing Charizard ex, might just redefine the metagame.

Charizard ex

Charizard ex (223/197) [Scarlet & Violet: Obsidian Flames]

With the Obsidian Flames release, Charizard ex is destined to make waves. Not just any wave — a massive inferno!

Key Characteristics of Charizard ex:

  • Infernal Reign Ability: Power up Charizard or another Pokémon by attaching three Basic Fire Energy cards straight from the deck.

  • Burning Darkness Attack: Begins with a formidable 180 damage and grows more potent as the opponent progresses in the game, capping at a whopping 330 damage.

  • Vulnerability: Relies heavily on a draw engine, necessitating the inclusion of Pidgeot ex and Arceus VSTAR.

  • The synergy between Charizard ex, Pidgeot ex, and Arceus VSTAR offers players a well-rounded strategy that is tough to counter.


Pokemon Fusion Strike Mew VMAX #114

Fresh from a World Championship win, Mew VMAX might find itself slightly outmatched with the entry of Charizard ex. Path to the Peak offers a potential lifeline, disabling Charizard ex's core abilities and providing Mew VMAX decks an avenue to seize victory against the fiery behemoth.

Gardevoir ex

Gardevoir ex sv1 245 | Pokemon TCG POK Cards

Ever since its prominence in the European International Championships, Gardevoir ex continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Tord Reklev's innovative use of two Reversal Energy cards propels this deck's offensive capabilities, especially against formidable foes like Charizard ex.

Lost Zone Giratina

Giratina VSTAR - Sword & Shield: Lost Origin - Pokemon | TrollAndToad

Giratina VSTAR has solidified its stature in the Standard format, thanks to Michael Pramawat's third-place finish at the World Championships. This deck has the flexibility to adapt and overcome a variety of challenges, making it a top contender in the Obsidian Flames era.


As Obsidian Flames becomes the new game in town, decks need to adapt and strategize around the emerging giants like Charizard ex. The Pokémon TCG scene remains as dynamic as ever, and only time will tell which deck reigns supreme in this new era!

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See you in the arena, trainers!