Standard Series Fall 2022

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What is the Amazing Discoveries (AD) Standard Series?

            The AD standard series is a series of events designed to run from standard rotation to standard rotation. The series will be split into 4 seasons each lasting 3 months. Over the course of a season there will be 3 Qualifier tournaments (1 at each of 3 AD locations: Gilbert, Tucson, and Glendale) that will feed into an invite only seasonal finals with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $500 store credit. At the end of the year, we will have an invite only grand finals with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $2000 store credit. We will be looking to have additional prizes for both the seasonal and grand finals which we will announce closer to those events. SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM FOR TLDR!

When does it start

            Since the series is designed to last from rotation to rotation it will not begin until standard rotates with the release of Dominaria United. The first season will take place between the release of Dominaria United and the release of Brothers’ war. Each season will be keyed to the release of a new standard set.

How to I participate?

            All you have to do to participate in he series is enter one or more of the open Qualifier events. Qualifier events will have an entry fee of $25 with $5 of the entry going into the prize pool for the grand finals and $5 of the entry going to the seasonal final. The remaining $15 will go into the prize pool for the Qualifier to be paid out to the top 8.

How do I qualify for the seasonal finals

            Playing in a Qualifier will earn you points on the leaderboard based on your final standing in the event (exact point structure coming soon) and top 2 players of each Qualifier will be automatically qualified for the Seasonal finals in addition to their seasonal leaderboard points. The Seasonal finals field will be made up of the 2 finalists of the 3 qualifiers as well as the top 10 players on the seasonal leaderboard not already qualified. This event will be your last chance to earn leaderboard points for that season and the winner will be automatically qualifed for the Grand finals.

How do I qualify for the Grand finals

            The Grand finals of the AD standard series is the culmination of a year of events which represents a large time investment for any player who decides to dedicate the time to play in all 12 events and while your odds of qualifying will greatly increase the more events you play we want to provide multiple avenues to qualify so you can approach the AD standard series in your own way. As such, the 16 players who qualify for the Grand finals of the AD standard series are:

  • 4 Seasonal finals Winners
  • 4 Seasonal points leaders (The player who accrues the most leaderboard points during that season who is not already qualified)
  • 3 Store Champions (The player who accrues the most leaderboard points from events held at a single AD location: Gilbert, Tucson, Glendale)
  • 5 At large (The 5 players with the most leaderboard points accrued over the year who are not already qualified after all other qualifications have been calculated)

            This structure means that you can interact the series in the way you want and still have a chance to bring home the belt (there will be an actual belt) at the end of the year. Want to take a 3 month break from standard? Just do well enough in any of the other seasons. Don’t want to travel? You only have to play in the qualifiers at your local AD location and would only need to travel for the seasonal and Grand finals.

Standard Series and RCQs

When it is format appropriate we will be running our standard series qualifier events (not the invite only finals) as RCQs. We will be sure to announce which events in the series are RCQs as well. If a standard series event is also an RCQ there will be an additional $5 added to the entry fee to pay for administrative costs (dreamhack kits, judges, etc.) but other than that the events will be identical

How do I know you aren’t going to just cancel the series?

            Starting an event series for a format that has seen it’s popularity decline throughout the pandemic is not without risk. As such, we are announcing this event with a plan to run the entire year and a hope that it will be successful. That said, if it turns out that the number of people who are interested a series like this is fewer than we imagine we cannot run the entire year. In order to show that we are serious about making this event work and dedicated to do our best to make this a success this year and for years to come the first quarter of the event will go off as planned, no matter how low the attendance of the events are. If at the end of the quarter there is little to know interest in the tournament series we will run the seasonal finals with the guaranteed prize pool of $500 and add the $5 per entry that was set aside for the Grand finals to that pool before concluding the series.


  • 12 Qualifier tournaments between 3 stores (Gilbert, Tucson, Glendale) split into 4 seasons
    • $25 entry ($5 to seasonal final, $5 to Grand final, $15 to event prize pool) +Additional $5 if also an RCQ
    • Leaderboard points based on final standings
  • 4 seasonal finals with guaranteed minimum $500 prize pool
    • 16 players, invite only
      • 6 qualifier finalists
      • 10 points leaders
  • Grand finals with guaranteed minimum $2000 prize pool
    • 16 Players, invite only
      • 4 seasonal winners
      • 4 seasonal points leaders (Most points from any 1 season)
      • 3 Store champions (Most points from events at any 1 store)
      • 5 At large point leaders (Most points on the leaderboard not otherwise qualified)
We are also happy to announce that the dates have been set for Season 1 of the Amazing Discoveries Standard Series
Season 1 Qualifier events
10/1 - Amazing Discoveries Gilbert
10/15 - Amazing Discoveries Tucson
11/5 - Amazing Discoveries Glendale
Season 1 Finals
11/12 - Amazing Discoveries Gilbert