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Yu-Gi-Oh! YCS VIP Qualifier Casa Grande Pre-Reg

Yu-Gi-Oh! YCS VIP Qualifier Casa Grande Pre-Reg

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    YCS VIP Qualifier Overview

    The YCS VIP Qualifier is an Advanced Constructed Swiss tournament that cuts to a Top 8 playoff. There must be at least eight (8) players participating in order to run a VIP Qualifier. If there are only eight (8) players, then the event will be held as a Single-Elimination Tournament.

    Entry Fee:                           $12.00 USD ($15.00 CND)

    Format:                                Advanced Format – Swiss – cutting to a Top 8 Playoff

    Participation Prizing:     Three (3) Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Booster Packs - $12 USD SRP value ($15 SRP in Canada) - Supplied by store

    Top 8 Format:                    Constructed-Advanced

    Prizing:                                 1st Place: Invite to the next YCS with VIP Package, and the Battle City Game Mat

    2nd-4th Place: Duelists after the final Playoff Round (or at the end of the final Round if only 8 players are enrolled), are awarded the Battle City Token Cards, with 2nd Place picking first, followed by 3rd Place, then 4th Place.

    The Duelist to have shown the best Sportsmanship during the tournament must receive the “Battle City Logo” Token Card (Card # TKN4-EN014).

    All YCS VIP Qualifier events are Tier 2 events, conducted as Advanced Format, Constructed Deck, Swiss round events. The YCS VIP Qualifier will play Swiss Rounds, followed by a Top 8 Playoff top cut, with prizes awarded at the end of the final playoff round played. The format details provided here supersede any tournament details found in other official KDE policy documents.


    YCS VIP Qualifiers will utilize a Constructed Deck format to play all Swiss Rounds.


    A minimum of eight (8) Duelists is required to host a YCS VIP Qualifier.

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