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Revised Edition - Starter Deck

Revised Edition - Starter Deck

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    Released in 1994, REVISED is a white-bordered basic set. Card text and graphics were made more clear and errors were corrected, from the UNLIMITED release. Cards such as the Moxes and Black Lotus were excluded from the print run. This is a 306 card set which includes: Dual Lands, Birds of Paradise, Demonic Tutor, Fork, Millstone, Royal Assassin, Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, Sol Ring, Swords to Plowshares, Vesuvian Doppleganger, and Wrath of God. 10 Decks per Box - 60 Cards per Deck - 2 Rares per Deck Set Breakdown: 121 Rares 95 Uncommons 75 Commons 15 Lands