Amazing Discoveries MTG Series 2

 After the success of our inaugural MTG SERIES 1, Amazing Discoveries is proud to announce the start of MTG SERIES 2!

SERIES 2 will culminate in another exciting Championship, but this time around we’ll be prizing out the most ADCoins ever given away in a single event! 16 qualified players will battle it out for a minimum prize pool of 200 ADCoins ($600 store credit), and a custom MTG SERIES 2 Champion hoodie awarded to the winner! Over the course of the next 5 months players will journey between all 4 Amazing Discoveries stores, as players accumulate SERIES 2 points based on their finishes in each MTG SERIES 2 event. Every Amazing Discoveries store will also host its own Qualifier event where the winner will receive a direct invite to the SERIES 2 Champs. Additionally, the top 11 at large points earners will be invited to the Champs. All MTG SERIES 2 events will be held between April 20th and July 28th. 

Each event will have registration starting at 11am with play beginning at 12pm.

Points Events –

Format: Constructed($9) or Sealed($24)

Rounds: 4

Prizing: 4-0(12 ADCoins) and 3-1(6 ADCoins)

Points will be awarded equal to a player’s total match points earned

*Points Events that feature a Trials of the Planeswalkers will only award points based on the first 4 rounds.

Qualifier Events –

Format: Constructed($15) or Sealed($30)

Rounds: Based on attendance

Prizing: 4 ADCoins added to the prize pool per player. Prizing awarded to all players who finish X-1 or better.

*Points will be awarded equal to a player’s total match points earned. The winner will automatically be invited to the Champs. Decklists are required and will be published along with a winner profile after each Qualifier event.

Champs –

When/Where: August 10th at Amazing Discoveries Glendale(Manawerx)

Format/Rounds: 3 rounds Draft, 3 rounds Standard, and Top 8 Standard

Invites: 4 Qualifier winners, 11 top MTG SERIES 2 point earners, and SERIES 1 winner Rob McClelon

Prizing: 200 ADCoins($600 store credit) and a custom AD MTG SERIES 2 Champ hoodie

*The Champs will be Live Streamed via Amazing Discoveries Twitch

With the most ADCoins we've ever given away up for grabs, the Amazing Discoveries MTG SERIES 2 continues to build on the success of Arizona's most popular store series. Check out the FAQ below for more info. Amazing Discoveries stores can be found in Tucson (ADT), Gilbert (ADG), Casa Grande (ADCG), and our newest store in Glendale/Manawerx (ADGMW)!

Current store credit payout for the Champs (minimum $600) - $51. 

Click here for current standings!

Date - Store - Format – Event Type

4/20 - ADGMW - Standard - Points (Grand Opening!)

5/3 - ADT/ADG/ADCG/ADGMW - Standard - FNM Points

5/4 - ADG - Sealed - Points

5/5 - ADGMW - Sealed - Points (Trial of the Planeswalkers)

5/11 - ADCG - Sealed - Points

5/12 - ADT - Sealed - Points

5/18 - ADGMW - Standard - Points (2pm Registration, 3pm Start due to the MCQ)

5/19 - ADG - Standard - Points

5/25 - ADT - Standard - Qualifier*

5/26 - ADG/ADCG/ADGMW - Standard - Points*

*Planeswalker Weekend - Champion Playmat & Full Art Time Wipes handed out

6/1 - ADGMW - Standard - Points

6/2 - ADG - Standard - Points

6/15 - ADG - Standard - Qualifier

6/16 - ADGMW - Modern - Points

6/22 - ADT - Modern - Points

6/23 - ADG - Modern - Points

6/29 - ADCG - Modern - Points

6/30 - ADGMW - Modern - Qualifier (Trials of the Planeswalkers)

7/12 - ADT/ADG/ADCG/ADGMW - Standard - FNM Points

7/13 - ADT - Standard - Points

7/14 - ADGMW - Standard - Points

7/20 - ADCG - Standard - Points

7/21 - ADT - Standard - Points

7/27 - ADCG - Standard - Qualifier

7/28 - ADT - Standard - Points  

8/10 - ADGMW - CHAMPS - Core Set 2020 Draft / Standard



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will decklists be required for any of these events?

A. The Qualifier and the Champs events will require decklists

Q. Do I need to pre-register for qualifiers?

A. No

Q. What competitive rules level enforcement will each event be?

A. Points events will be casual REL and the Qualifiers & Champs will be run in the spirit of competitive. 

Q. How will rounds and prizes for events be determined?

A. Points Events are all 4 rounds with no cut to playoffs. Qualifier rounds (and playoff cut) will be based on attendance. 

Copy by Blaine Johnson.